Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

To ensure the safety of all of our students, we would like to remind you of our school driveway procedures:

  1. When dropping off your child, please park in front of the school on Green Lane or in our parking lot at the front of the school ONLY if there are spots available.
  2. Please do not park in the school bus lane. Do not leave your car running in the bus lane if you decide to help your child out of the vehicle.
  3. If you feel you must accompany your child to the school yard, please park on the street so as to not obstruct the flow of school buses in the driveway.
  4. Please enter the driveway on the west side and exit on the east side.

We would be grateful if everyone followed these procedures since our driveway is extremely busy and this will assist in ensuring our students arrive and leave school property safely.